7 Key Tips and Tricks to finding the right people!

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Finding the right people for your team can be a daunting task that can be hard to master, but lucky for you we are here to help! At Forrest Visions we have explored different strategies and hiring practices to mold our Vision today, here are a few:

Define your perfect candidate

If you don’t outline the skills that you are looking for then you will receive submissions from all over the place. You want to spend time on finding fitting people because it is better to miss out on hiring the right person, then hiring the wrong person.

When making a proposal for a potential employee you will want to outline:

  1. Company culture values

Candidates shouldn’t only be getting the idea of the work your company does, but the values to which your company operates under. It is very easy to move off course as more employees join the company.

2. Real Concrete skills

Many companies run into the problem of copy and pasting fancy job descriptions that relate to the job they are positing. Every job is different, so outline the real skills that the employee will need to posses and cut the crap!

3. Job Structure

Explain the path that the employee is designed to be put on. Every employee should be evaluated for constant checks of value.

Interview Candidates with a plan

Your company is not going to scale itself, you will need great people with great visions to push the company forward.

In order to efficiently interview you will need to set up a designed process for the flow of the interview with a measurement for success and failure which should be laid out. The idea is to structure a plan that will value a certain subset of skills that will be valuable to your company in the future when the candidate is hired.

As mentioned before

it is better to miss out on hiring the right person, then hiring the wrong person.

Hiring the wrong person will exponentially decrease your companies successes and may derail it from its cultural values. In order to avoid this problem, a realistic bar needs to be set for job hires, and a plan at consistently evaluating work needs to be monitored.

Signal the importance of people to your company

If you take a look at historic companies that take care of their employees and create a positive work environment, they tend to do better than those that are not as open with personal values and creativity. If you create a work environment that is open to catering individual needs your company will be compensated with the added value your employees bring. Let great employees be creative and work to their strengths.

Offering other incentives outside of salary will show employees that the company has faith in its structure. These incentives can include equity in the company for senior positions, and specific vesting periods to show opportunity for long term growth.

At Forrest Visions we are consistently working towards making our office one of the greatest places to work, by catering to employee strengths. Since we monitor and reward successes, we are able to allow employees to take time off and even take a break to play video games while at work.

Hiring isn’t just an HR thing

Many of the best hires come within the company from friend recommendations to personal scouting. Hiring should not be a centralized operation otherwise bias will find its way in. Get departments to team up together to measure and rate potential candidates. Everyone at the company is able to offer some form of input regarding the decision to hire a candidate.

Work with people who will be interacting with the new employee. If you hold importance on company culture, you will want people who would be interacting with the new hire to be involved in the process. If you strictly go for skills and neglect values then your company will sink.

Look beyond applicants

It is very easy to only look at candidates that are applying for the job and sending a resume in. However this search is not specific enough, and a lot of valuable time can be lost sifting through resume after resume.

Launch a recon plan to go out and find the good hires. LinkedIn exists for good reason, you can search for people who are already working with specific skills. This doesn’t have to be an evil mission to take people away from a job, you can maintain a relationship with people who have similar skills and values. Then if the time is right, they can join your team and add the value you are looking for.

Embrace Feedback, not discourage it

Whether you are analyzing feedback in the interview process or monitoring it on a job site, feedback is important.

Creating a stage for all employees to ask senior/leaders questions can be a very positive and rewarding experience. It allows everyone to be apart of the team, which is why you hired them in the first place.

A goal of the company should be to bring tremendous benefit to the customer/client, so feedback from your team internally will help improve products/services.

Reinvent the innovation process

You should not design yourself to live off one product/service, your company should consistently reinvent processes to stay competitive. This means you will need to change the interview and hiring process as your company grows and faces unique problems. If you stay static so will your company. If you learn from previous mistakes, then you can use this to leverage your current process. The hiring process should be in place to hire the future leaders of your company, if you are innovating your process then so will they.

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